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Rate system

The Point System (Fees are charged by a point system )

Points (pt) are purchased in advance. The exact number of points used is deducted (charged) from your pre-purchased points.

Units points are purchased in

15,000pt = 300SGD

Payment options Bank transfers, payment by credit card.
Expiration of points Points do not expire (Any points that are left over can be used at any time)
How to purchase points Purchase points through the member’s page (purchases are available after creating a free member’s account)
Purchase cancellations Cancellations are made through the member’s page (refunds cannot be made after deposits)

Corporate Contact List Service Rates

  List Data Rentals List Data Purchases(Downloadable)
Plan Japanese Corporate Data
Rate Free(0pt) 5pt/contact
Provided List Data Company name+type of industry+location (by prefecture/ municipality) Company name+type of industry+FAX number+telephone number+postal code+address
Narrowing Conditions Type of industry and area of location
Options FAX transmission service
Frequency of updates Approx. Once a year
The total number of data Approx. 6,000,000 contacts(Approx. 2,500,000 contacts with FAX numbers)
Minimum lot Starting from one contact

FAX Transmission Service Rates

  FAX transmission to JAPAN Document List
Rate No initial/standard fee
Flat fee of 4~10pt/page
Transmissions Rate/Page
1~2,999 10pt/page
3,000~4,999 9pt/page
5,000~9,999 8pt/page
10,000~ 7pt/page
50,000~ 6pt/page
100,000~ 5pt/page
Brought-in FAX manuscript:
FAX List Rental: