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From the representative

Although our company was founded 50 years ago, the IT division was only established 16 years ago.

16 years ago, when I first established the IT division, since I established it on my own, I could only rely on myself to get anything done. During this period, I would send marketing faxes, whilst making phone calls, sending out informational flyers. This cost me not only a lot of time but also expenses. It would cost approximately 24 yen to send a single fax from other companies, and even by connecting my personal computer to a modem, it would still cost me 10 yen per fax.

CEO / Asaji Noriyuki

Company Name NETREAL CO.,LTD.
Superintendent of Management Noriyuki Asaji
Office Ginza 2-6-15 5F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN