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Examples of Use

Corporate Contact List Service examples

Types of Industries and Business Conditions Example of Use/Purpose
Financial Business Purchased attribute specific data for financing after narrowing down to approx. 10 contacts
Insurance Company Purchased data on representatives
Construction Company Purchased data on subcontract companies such as interior design companies
Manufacture Company Purchased data on potential clients; excluding data of existing clients
Real-Estate Agency Purchased data on real estate companies; excluding data of existing clients
Wholesale Company Purchased data on retail companies
Retail Company Rented contact list after narrowing down target industry and area
IT related Company Purchased data on website production companies and system engineers
Internet (Advertisement)related Company Purchased data on existing segment within the company
Advertising Firm Purchased corporate contact list data; excluding data of existing clients
Intermediary Agency Purchased corporate contact list data of newly-established corporations
Media Purchased data on magazine and newspaper companies
Publishing Company Purchased data on book-stores all over Japan
Automobile Company Used brought in data
Educational Institution Rented data on junior high schools and high school in candidate areas for applicants
Specialist Purchased corporate contact list for newly-established corporations
Worker Dispatching Purchased data published in recruit sites
Medical Purchased corporate contact list for medical companies
Restaurant Business(store) Rented data on nearby companies after narrowing down area
Salon Industry Purchased data on hair salons all over Japan
Franchise Business Purchased data on restaurants
Foundation and Corporations Used member’s brought in data
Print Company Purchased data on design production companies

FAX transmission service examples

Types of Industries and Business Conditions Example of Use/Purpose
Financial Business Corporate financing information, business correspondences, and promotion of agency
Insurance Company Transmitting information and business correspondences with existing clients
Construction Company Business correspondences with clients and clientele expansion
Manufacture Company B to B direct sales and business correspondences with clients
Real-Estate Agency Business correspondences with branch offices, providing information on property, information on vacant shops and office spaces(new corporation business)
Wholesale Company Expansion of retail store, B to B direct sales, business correspondences with clients
Retail Company Business correspondences with branch offices and clients, B to B sales
IT related Company Attracting participants for events and seminars, new clientele expansion (Introduction package)
Internet(Advertisement)related Company Collecting adverting sponsors, promotion purposes
Advertising Agency OEM sales
Intermediary Agency Business for low price corporate merchandise(the door knock strategy)
Media News Release(PR)
Publishing Company Providing information on newly published books for book stores, business correspondences, seminars, etc.
Automobile Company Business correspondences with shops
Educational Institution Operating correspondences and placement requests for applications
Specialist Expansion of new clientele, seminar information, and sending information to existing clients
Worker Dispatching Business correspondences, expansion of new clientele, and sending information to existing clients信
Medical Providing information on new medicine and other medical information
Restaurant Business(store) Sending coupons to organizers of dinner parties/events (the end of the year dinner parties, new year’s dinner parties), informing companies in the area of restaurant opening (attract customers)
Franchise Business Transmitting franchise information, business correspondences
Foundation and Corporations News for members, to contact in the case of an emergency
Printing Company Informing discount campaigns, discount lot sales